“Whether this is your first show, or your tenth show, tonight under this roof you are all TesseracT family”.

Eager fans gathered together at Birmingham’s o2 Institute to catch TesseracT perform an outstanding show, with an impressive lightshow as an added bonus. Bringing Plini and Beyond the Buried and Me as supports, TesseracT bought a new lease of life to the venue.

Upon entering the venue, Plini with their live band were a good way through their set. While there were no vocals, the mix of electric riffs with an almost soothing tone seemed to have the audience in a trance. An interesting opener, and most definitely something I would happily see again.

Next up were Between the Buried and Me, a progressive metal band hailing from North Carolina. Bringing a fun and captivating atmosphere with their remarkable performance, Between the Buried and Me set a new bar for the evening, as they powered through an intense set.

TesseracT are not a band to keep fans waiting. As they graced the large stage of the o2 Institute, they hit straight in to their first song of the night ‘Luminary’. Putting on a highly animated performance, TesseracT began their show as they meant to go on – with power, vigour, and a great energy.

The most incredible aspect of TesseracT’s live show was the consistency in every part of the performance. From how tight-knit they were, through to the energy throughout, TesseracT were really pushing out the bar for what they expected from their fans – and they did not disappoint. With various mosh-pits opening out through the set, both fans and the band were neck and neck with who had the most energy.

TesseracT really proved what a progressive metal show should be about, and even with the amazing technical show, they proved that they could have mastered the show by their talent alone. Blasting through popular tracks such as ‘Of Mind – Nocturne’, ‘Juno’ and ‘Of Matter-Proxy’ from various points of their discography, TesseracT certainly did not disappoint their large crowd.

All in all, the evening went by in a raucous blur, in the absolute best way. If you’re a fan of progressive metal, and haven’t yet seen TesseracT in action – then you’re definitely missing out.

We rate:
4.0 rating