The last time we caught the punks in Milk Teeth on a UK tour was after the release of debut album ‘Vile Child’ in 2016. Now, with their two EP’s ‘Be Nice’ and ‘Go Away’ having been released in the July and November of 2017, to touring the US with Enter Shikari, Milk Teeth are back – bigger and stronger than ever.

Kicking the night off were Nervus, who with their cheery stage presence instantly won over the crowd. Celebrating the release of their new album ‘Everything Dies’, Nervus packed in a fun set in the short time they had. An important and unique addition to the music scene, Nervus are a band to watch out for.

Fangclub were up next, bracing the small stage of Mama Roux. Within moments we were caught up in garage-styled riffs and a dynamic energy, adding a real edge to the night. Fangclub really showed that they were meant to be on that line-up, and really helped to set the tone before Milk Teeth.

The small venue had become packed out at this point. Fans waited eagerly for the chaos to ensue, as Becky Blomfield, Billy Hutton, Oli Holbrook and Chris Webb entered the stage respectively. Taking absolutely no time at all, the band powered straight in to Nearby Catfight, making the room move as the crowd began to jump. The bar had been set, and the energy that Milk Teeth created was contagious. Their fans were known to be lively, and they had definitely proven that within the first few songs.

As Milk Teeth played through hits such as Brain Food, I Stabbed You First and Brickwork, it was clear that the band were very much able to intertwine the old with the new, much to fans delight. With each song came a different sort of dynamic, creating a real sense of what Milk Teeth were all about.

As Holbrook and Webb left the stage, Hutton traded in the electric guitar for an acoustic, ready for a haunting rendition of Kabuki. Blomfield never fails to make the song send shivers down your spine, as she played on every word of the heart-felt tune. As the song came to an end, it seemed that there was one more surprise up Milk Teeth’s sleeve which came in the form of an acoustic version of Melon Blade off of the bands 2015 EP ‘Sad Sack’. Blomfield briefly explained to the crowd that they had grown to dislike the original way the track was played, but instead of dismissing it they put a new spin on it. Regardless of this, fans still shouted along with all their might, not missing a beat.

As the other members came back on to the stage, the band once again began to power through their set, not missing a single note. The most energy came during Fight Skirt, as the crowd split in order to create a large mosh pit in the middle of the room. As the night came to a close, Blomfield claimed that there was no encore, and that the last song was the last chance to go crazy. Finishing the set with Owning Your Okayness, it was clear that both band and crowd had fully enjoyed the evening.

Milk Teeth showed once again that they are force to be beckoned with, being able to push themselves to their full potential on this headline run. Hopefully there will be bigger things destined for them in the future.