A warm, Sunday evening only called for one thing – US band Movements playing their first sold-out UK show at Birmingham’s Asylum.

With the success of their debut album ‘Feel Something’, Movements were ready to smash their first UK tour, with support coming from Brighton band Muskets, and French band Paerish.

Despite the heat of the room, Musket’s opened the night with punchy riffs and vibrant energy. It wasn’t long before they had prior fans singing along to the songs, and set a high bar for the rest of the evening.


Up next were Paerish, who instantly felt at home on the Asylum’s stage. Constantly moving and interacting with each other, Paerish won over the sweaty crowd, as the crowd began to bop their heads along with them.

The room was now alive with an air of excitement, as Movements prepared to take the stage. It was clear that their arrival to the UK had been long awaited, as the moment they burst in to their ‘Full Circle’, which also opens their ‘Feel Something’ album, their fans took no time in screaming the words alongside them. Going straight in to ‘Under the Gun’ from the same album, then ‘Worst Wishes’ from their ‘Outgrown Things’ EP, Movements were hinting that not only were they going to play most of their new album, but also attend to the fans demand of playing their older stuff too.

What was most impressive about Movements’ set was the way they managed to carry out the emotion and rawness of their album through their live performance. As eager fans crowd surfed in hopes of getting noticed, it was clear that Movements had created a distinct relationship with their fans through their music – and this shone through in songs such as ‘Suffer Through’, ‘Deadly Dull’ and ‘Protection’, a song which fans were pleading for before the band had the chance to play it.

Movements definitely proved that they deserved to sell out this show, with the consistency and all round tightness of the band, there could not be a single fault to pick up on. The band themselves could almost not believe the fierce loyalty their fans were displaying, and as they began to wrap up the set with ‘Third Degree’ and ‘Daylily’, it was apparent that both fans and band were as wrapped up in the night as the other.

Movements put on an astounding show, and fans were leaving sweatier than they arrived. This band deserve nothing but big things, and I really hope that happens soon.