3 stages, 2 days, 1 amazing lineup

The second day of this festival did not disappoint, and the weather held off too.

From the screeching tones of WhenYoung, to the political voicings of The Blinders, and the laid back, yet crowd-pleasingly brilliant Noel Gallagher, day two of Neighbourhood Weekender delivered some truly wonderful talent to the masses. The festival had everything it needed to be a spectacular day, from amazing bands, to good weather (for the most part), and perfect organisation across all 3 stages.

What made this festival so great, was the bands that were chosen, and the stages they were on. The Viola Beach stage saw some of the best up and coming bands in music, with the likes of The Blinders, WhenYoung and Jerry Williams to name a few. Stage Two saw the next level of up and coming bands, and the atmosphere in that tent was incredible. There was a sense of intimacy for the slower, more ballad type songs, and then there was the uproar of fans, screaming their hearts out as their favourite bands belted out their best loved songs. With bands such as The Pigeon Detectives and Editors, who really got the crowd going with their big hits, such as ‘Take Her Back’ and ‘This Is An Emergency’ being real crowd pleasers for The Pigeon Detectives, as well as ‘Blood’ and ‘The End Has A Start’ for Editors.

The main stage however took the talent to a whole different level. With sets from the likes of Black Honey, DMA’s, The Coral, Blossoms and Noel Gallagher. The atmosphere around that stage was like nothing else, and the crowd just got bigger and bigger as the day turned to night. Each band gave everything they had, and then the crowd gave that little bit more, especially for the two main headliners, Blossoms, and Noel Gallagher. For me though, it was DMA’s and Black Honey that really stood out, and took the spotlight of that stage. Their sets were energetic, and the crowd absolutely loved it. While Black Honey may not have had the biggest crowd, as they were on the stage early in the day, the fans that were there belted out every word, to every song, and Black Honey delivered something really quite spectacular.

It wasn’t all about the music though for Neighbourhood Weekender. The sides of the stage were lined with bars, food stalls, and there was even a big wheel and helter-skelter. The queues weren’t a mile long either, and even when they did get busy, the staff worked hard, and reduced queue times as quickly as they could. There was nothing that could go wrong, everything ran beautifully, and the organisers did a spectacular job. Even despite the slow start, due to bands running late, things were soon back on track, and it made for a memorable, energetic day.

Highlights of the day

  • The Blinders – They delivered an amazing set, and were the perfect band to headline the Viola Beach Stage, which had showcased some truly brilliant bands
  • DMA’s – The first band on the Main Stage to really draw in a big crowd, and the fans loved every minute of that set.
  • The Pigeon Detectives – A truly wonderful band. Gave their set everything they had, and created the best atmosphere in the Second Stage Tent.
  • Jerry Williams – A really talented, young girl, who is one to look out for. A lot of people watching didn’t seem to know who she was, yet they still loved the set. One to watch
  • Noel Gallagher – The perfect artist to headline a spectacular event. The set really left the crowd on an almighty high, and pretty much everyone sang along at some point. Especially with the likes of ‘Wonderwall’ ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ and ‘If I Had A Gun’.

We rate:
5.0 rating