When Neighbourhood Festival asked their followers on their Instagram account who were the highlights of the festival, instantly I responded with Our Fold – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

This four piece band, hailing from Bolton, blew my tiny little mind. I was completely hypnotised by the lead singer, Damien, who I can only describe as Bolton’s answer to Dave Grohl.

As a singer myself, I find I am extremely judgemental with vocalists, but Damien’s vocals were on point! The rawness and grit in his voice was ear-gasmic and I felt myself awkwardly staring at him, transfixed on the sound he was producing, and I certainly wasn’t alone. Kudos, man! You have some serious pipes! If you ever need a female vocalist to duet with…*wink wink*.

Listen to Our Fold ‘Two Little Angels’ on Spotify

Our Fold opened their show with Don’t You Want A Lover; catchy, captivating and cool. My attention was all theirs once they exploded onto the stage with this track and I found myself singing along with the chorus, whilst only hearing this song for the first time ever. There was no way I could be easily distracted by anything other than them and to be quite honest, I didn’t want to be. They also gave us their latest single Two Little Angels, which was nothing short of stunning. The lyrics are relatable to so many different situations and so if you’re a fan of theirs or not, I urge you to give this song a gander; it will absolutely speak to you.

Straight from the off you could see the chemistry onstage between the four lads and you got the feeling that this isn’t the kind of gig where the band are all about themselves. They performed; there was no arrogance to the performance and the band delivered for their captivated, loyal fans who were there to enjoy the party that was being created. As an audience member, I felt completely involved and invested in this band. There’s only one other band that makes me feel like that and that is The Foo Fighters. This is the level of sophistication Our Fold are at. To top it off, a song was dedicated to Damien’s mum who was watching in the crowd…I don’t know about you but is there anything better than when a guy makes a public show of affection for his mum? Swoon!

Awesome band, seriously amazing vocals and all round top blokes. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing more from Our Fold in the future and following their journey to the top.

We rate:
5.0 rating