Sly Antics launched new single at Night People.

A hot and sweaty venue lead to an amazing, Bin Juice fuelled night

Sly Antics have came a long way since the release of ‘Captive City’. Their live shows get better each time you see them, their fan base is ever growing, and their songwriting capabilities have improved massively. Last nights gig at Night People in Manchester proved this. The trio played brilliantly and pulled out all the stops to make this single launch a night to remember, despite the packed venue being extremely warm.

The set opened with ‘Motion’, a song from their early days, but still a fan favourite, and always a good opener. Then came the song that fans had came to see, ‘Bin Juice’, and it went down an absolute storm, despite it being the songs live debut. However, I don’t think the same could be said for the actual Bin Juice that was being served at the side of the stage, as by the end of the night, the floor was a mix of the drink, and all the added wrappers, and fruit laces. Two songs from the EP followed, before Sam, Lee and Chris unleashed ‘Hometime’ onto the crowd. A new song, which hadn’t been played as a band before, but they pulled it off, and it was one of the best songs of the night.

After ‘Hometime’ came a little funk jam, with added Jay-Z, before they segued into ‘Lucky Punch’. The segue worked beautifully, and allowed the crowd to take a breather before getting back into the energetic set that Sly Antics were throwing their way, resulting in the rest of the set being even more energetic than the first half. The second half, after ‘Lucky Punch’, included ‘Go’, ‘Take A Walk’, ‘B-Side’ and finished with their second most recent single, ‘Sunday Fear’. A perfect end to an amazing night, and a real crowd-pleaser.

If Sly Antics continue with this form, and continue writing such amazing material, then they are going to be one of the best upcoming bands in Manchester, if not in England. Their music is energetic and raw, their crowd love every minute of their sets, and they are always putting in that little bit extra to make their sets something to remember.

We rate:
5.0 rating