The mighty Steel Panther are on the prowl in the UK once again….

So off we trogg down to the big smoke to check out this rock and roll phenomenon.

It’s a great bill tonight .. Wayward Sons, and Inglorious are more than worthy support acts so the anticipation in the Shepherds Bush empire can clearly be felt. What surprised me from the get go was how full the the theatre was early doors  .. clearly a sign that live music is alive and kicking.

Toby Jepson and his new band Wayward Sons are up first and they burst onto the stage like their lives depended upon it .. wow .. slow down .. take a breath and .. nah forget that lets get rockin’. Opening with ‘Alive’ the setlist was taken from their latest release ‘Ghosts Of Yet To Come’ . Live these songs are just outstanding, each band member showing no sign of easing up and wanting to give the crowd the time of their lives. Toby is the embodiment of a perfect frontman .. encouraging the crowd to join in the party at every moment .. what a perfect start to the night.

Set changeover time .. the party continues with a large than life character on the balcony encouraging the stalls to cheer at his .. what can only be described as prancing .. seriously fella you need to learn how to control your beer intake .. sure it was amusing but it really aint clever..

Ok so I have to confess .. shame on me.. but this is the first time I have managed to get Inglorious in front of my lens.. I know .. which rock have I been hiding under. I can say however, I have been listening from the first LP. This band are magnificent. Super talented musicians, professional and humble to boot. However for me tonight live .. simply brilliant. You have to sit back and marvel at how well the talent in musicianship, performance and songwriting come together with this band. Nathan James is a unique talent with a huge voice and as he leads the band through the 8 song setlist .. Opening with the crowd pleasing ‘Read All About It’ and closing with the huge anthem ‘Until I Die’ the crowd are swept along a wave of the finest blues based hard rock  you are likely to hear .. immense .. nuff said.

After some more antics from the balcony we await the phenomenon that is Steel Panther.

So let’s get this straight from the start .. this is an act .. and a bloody good one too. They are four talented musicians who have come up with the greatest slice of satire since Spinal Tap. They have taken hair metal to their hearts and produced a rock n roll show that like their 80’s predecessors sets out to shock, offend and entertain all at the same time ..

Tonight’s show was somewhat different in that we were treated to the whole of the ‘Feel The Steel’ LP (a trend that seems to be growing in the live show calendars of touring artists) alongside an encore of songs from the regular set ‘Going in the Backdoor’, ‘17 Girls in a Row’ and show closer ‘Glory Hole’. From the get go the party atmosphere was electric. The crowd did not lay back and demand entertaining .. they knew what was expected of them and were up for it. Yes we had the usual misogynist, below the belt, non-pc banter .. but it’s done for a reason and lapped up by male and females alike .. this is what they came for and Steel Panther delivered it in spades. Not once did the crowd to object .. it’s all part of the theatre and the comedic timing was spot on. Stix is adulated for being the best drummer in the band .. Lexi is verbally abused and needs a Lipstick Tech .. Michael is happy to drop his pants (albeit very briefly .. breif-ly get it ?) and Satchel .. well he’s just Satchel, guitar god and all round lover of the fairer sex.

You cannot help getting swept along with the party and joining in every chorus .. but the real genius is that underneath all of this there are (musically) some great songs, each nodding its head to the bands of the past in all their glory.

Take for what it is .. enjoy the ride and Party All Day (F*** all night) that’s the Panthers motto

It’s a showtastic 5/5 from me…

We rate:
5.0 rating