Sylvette launch their new album in Manchester

A wonderful night of wonderful noise

Last night, Manchester based band Sylvette launched their album at The Ruby Lounge, Manchester. And after wonderful support, the crowd were ready for 45 minutes of truly beautiful music. This band get better each time you see them, and each time, there seems to be something new. Whether it be a new song, new sound, or just a new way of doing what they do best.

The set started with ‘Surrender’, a song that isn’t on the album, but is a great song for them to open with. It has everything Sylvette have to offer in just a few short minutes, and leaves the crowd wanting more. Especially with the way they played last night. Each member was on top form, and from the moment this song started, it was obvious it was about to be one hell of a night. Following on from the wonderful opener that ‘Surrender’ is, Sylvette went into their title track, ‘Waiting In The Bliss’, a slow song by their usually fast standards, however it builds around the 3 minute mark into one hell of a song. The violin and guitar pair together beautifully to create on of the best songs on the album.

After ‘Waiting In The Bliss’, the band just got better and better, charging through their set, each song drawing the crowd in more and more with each note. As the band got into their stride, the atmosphere grew, and nearly lifted the roof off of The Ruby Lounge. Fans admired their fabulous new material, and embraced it, trying to sing along where possible, despite not knowing the songs inside out. It’s this attitude from the fans that helped make the night so special. The usual four piece also took a new guitarist under their wings for a few songs, and the addition of that second guitarist really took things to a whole new level.

45 minutes really didn’t feel long enough for a band as talented as these lads. They are a band that could be listened to for hours, and I would happily do that. They are always bringing something new to the table, throwing in bits to their songs that weren’t there, and it takes a lot of skill to pull something like that off, but they managed it, and did it beautifully.

These really are ones to watch. Their music is something different, and that really is something that the Manchester music scene needs. A lot of bands are sounding the same, yet this band are daring to be different, and are doing so in such a marvellous way.