The Moods took to the stage at the Ritz, as part of Stampede Festival 2018

An amazing, powerful set which left everyone wanting more

The Ritz, Manchester has seen its fair share of bands, and last night, the stage was filled by Manchester based, Hip-Hop/Garage Rock 10 piece, The Moods, as part of Stampede Festival 2018, which also saw the likes of Lunar C, Lowkey and Mic Righteous to name a few of the many acts which blew the roof off last night.

However, The Moods were the highlight of the night for me. They gave their half an hour slot everything they had, and squeezed in as much as they could in the limited time they were given, including their newest release ‘Carnival’ and fan favourite ‘P.O.P (Profit Over People)’. I think their limited time brought out a whole different level of energy from the band, as they were giving it everything to make that set a lasting memory on the minds of the fans who had packed into the venue.

It wasn’t just energy that The Moods brought onto the stage with them though. They brought everything they had, and gave it all to the fans. No stone was to be left unturned, and that was apparent right from the outset. It was song after song, with every member of the 10-piece in fine form, and even though the spotlight was firmly on the main vocalists, it was the backing musicians that were the highlight for me. They played their instruments perfectly, they kept the crowd entertained, and their presence was key to the performance. The same effect couldn’t have been achieved with a DJ, and I think more artists in this genre need to take a leaf out of The Moods book. Nothing beats live instruments.

By doing song after song, with only very small gaps in-between, there was no time for the energy in the room to die down, and this showed. The fans loved every minute of the set, and begged for more after The Moods had left the stage. However, more didn’t come, and whilst there were still a few acts left, the majority of the crowd dispersed into the night, leaving on an astonishing high.