What’s the best way to celebrate 10 years of one of the most adored pop-punk records of recent memory?

Do you schedule a full UK tour playing the beloved release in full; preform a jam packed, two sets worth of fan favourites, or do you bring the hottest UK band on the scene to support? In the case of All Time Low’s ‘So Wrong It’s Right’, the answer is all of the above.

Walking into the large stadium walls of Birmingham’s Genting area, it certainly felt like a long time since an event of this scale had such an air of excitement to it. Album anniversary tours often feel like a distant dream, destined to stay circulating around various fan forums and Tumblr pages however, seeing the nostalgic cover art posted up around merch stands and hearing passing conversations about how now 20 something’s felt 13 again solidified the nature of this occasion. The excitement was unescapable.

Pushing through to the stage itself revealed the scope of the huge stage, recognisable purple lights glistened and bounced over instruments before finally lifting up to reveal the callous heart – signature icon of support band Creeper, a captivating punk collective from Southampton.

As always, Creeper pulled no punches throughout their short but sweet set. Vocalist Will Gould, commanded the large crowd well, encouraging sing-alongs to the band’s incredibly catchy hooks and melodies while, guitarist Ian Miles hyperactively bounced and spun around while maintaining his aggressive playing through songs ‘Winona Forever’ and ‘Suzanne’. So much has already been said about Creeper but its still important to note their versatility and ability to fit to any line-up neatly, never disappointing dedicated fans or newcomers alike.

After a roaring performance from Creeper it was time to for the main event. The distorted power chords of ‘This is How We Do’ rung out of the venues speakers as each member of All Time Low took to the stage as youthful now as they were 10 long years ago. All Time Low have never lacked energy in their performances and this night was no exception, bassist Zack Merrick and guitarist Jack Barakat jumped, ran and skipped across the large stage, ensuring that no side of the area felt lonely as the songs rolled on.

After the first burst of pop-punk choruses and gang vocals, frontman Alex Gaskarth addressed the audience with a beaming smile; “Hey what’s up guys, its us but from 10 years ago [..] 2007 All Time Low!” before continuing on through the now fan favourite album. The playing and performance throughout was flawless, each track sounding better than ever thanks to the band’s extensive experience since the record’s release; to say All Time Low did the record justice would be an understatement.

After a quick break the band flew back to the stage, this time bringing a full production including a massive screen displaying iconic graphics from each of the band’s studio albums; explosions of confetti falling from the sky during a flawless performance of ‘Lost in Stereo’ and even some pyro later on into the set during Life of the Party’. The band’s second set was packed to the brim with favourites ranging throughout the bands catalogue including, ‘Backseat Serenade, ’Dark Side of Your Room’ and ‘Therapy’.

The years have been incredibly kind to All Time Low. As well as performing their album in full, the night serves as a proof of concept of how bands can naturally evolve and stay true to their roots at the same time. Every song sounded flawless and brought an atmosphere of fun that simply can’t be found on the records – All Time Low are road tested performers, they have it down to a science and yet never fail to bring an inescapable energy to every song. From the pop-punk choruses of So Wrong it’s Right to the infectious hooks of Last Young Renegade, All Time Low have it mastered.

Photos © Sarah Maiden