“If your arms become smoke. Then I’ll have nothing left to hold”

From the ambient space of rung out chords, to the interwoven melodies and heart pounding rhythmic sections.

The World is a Beautiful Place and I’m no Longer Afraid to Die spare no exception in ensuring their live performances are as emotionally gripping and intense as the records themselves. Starting their insane twenty-two date tour off in Birmingham’s own The Asylum, fans were certainly treated to a very special first show of tour.

Kicking off the night were Coffee Breath, treating early fans to a set filled to the brim with twinkly guitar lines, soothing vocals and of course, a trumpet. The fresh faced band did more than just impress with their soft yet catchy TTNG-inspired guitar lines and drum patterns. Each member bringing infectious smiles and enthusiasm during their short time on stage; definitely another one to watch.

Coffee Breath – Kites:


Up next were the gritty, fuzz filled sounds of Kamikaze Girls, a self-proclaimed ‘Riot Grrrl’ two piece from Brighton. Despite their lack of members, the pairing sure knew how to take over a stage; filling the room with the sounds of heavy drums, distorted guitar chords and harsh, punk-like vocals delivered from the multitalented Lucinda Livingstone. As the crowd began to grow larger and larger the two effortlessly raced through a tight set list, ending with an explosive finish, filled with heavy dissonant guitars and the crashing of cymbals.

Finally, the six members of The World is a Beautiful Place entered the stage and begun to set up their respective instruments. From left to right, Katie Dvorak on keys, guitarist Chris Teti, vocalist David Bello, bassist Josh Cyr and last but not least, guitarist Tyler Bussey. The band have certainly been through a number of line up changes over their now nine-year long career and yet they’ve never sounded better. The newly refined line-up adding a certain clarity and refinement to the more complex tracks the band effortlessly belt out.

Dvorak’s pop-like synth leads perfectly connected with soft bass tones, allowing Bello’s distinguished vocal styling’s to hit their emotional marks. Each member swayed and bounced to the more atmospheric sections of tracks such as Faker and I Can Be Afraid of Anything, adding a whole new layer to TWIABP’s already fantastic song-writing through such a genuine and loving performance of each track. That’s not to say there wasn’t an appearance from the band’s harder edge however, best performed in a blur of hammered chords and cutting guitar riffs to what’s best described as an organised chaos.

Overall, the rollercoaster of a set featured a healthy variety of songs spanning the band’s unique discography with a special focus on the group’s most recent release, Always Foreign. Ending with an encore of fan favourites Be Neon with Me and Heartbeat in the Brain which sent the surrounding audience into a burst of energy and excitement. After leaving the stage for a final time it seems that it’s all up from here. As the band continue on their tour they’re sure to find fans old and new connecting with and sharing immensely fun movements with the collection of tracks The World is a Beautiful Place have managed to perform over their increasingly admirable journey. Hopefully they’ll be back in Birmingham before we know it.

Photos by Sarah Maiden