Red Hot Talent on a Freezing Cold Night

Last night, Sly Antics and Carry The Crown supported Allusinlove as they kicked off their tour in the wonderfully intimate Jimmy’s. It was a wonderful night of extreme music, and every band played brilliantly and the talent that was on show is the reason events such as Independent Music Week happen.

The set was slightly delayed, but the eager fans didn’t let it bother them, and they showed Allusinlove real support as they blasted through their great set, and even the songs that fans are still getting to grips with after the release of the new EP, went down a treat, and it was obvious how much love there is for this band.

It was also obvious why there was so much love for the band, their music is incredible. You have to delve pretty deep to find issues with their tracks, and even deeper to find a reason not to think this band are great. Their music, their energy, their talent all blew me away last night, and it’s bands like this in venues such as Jimmy’s that make Manchester such a good place to be at night. The talent which comes out of that city is astonishing, and there really isn’t another city like it.

If this band are performing near you on this tour, or ever, get down to the gig and be pleasantly surprised by how good they are. If you think they’re good when you listen to them at home, wait til you see them belt the tunes out live.