The beast (Baest) cemented their superiority in death metal

Hades stage, Friday:
When it comes to old school death metal, there is none greater than the Danish band BAEST right now. I have seen Baest live once before, in the Pumpehuset venue in downtown Copenhagen, where they also tore the place a new one, but today they really took it to another level.

The big black fabric with the Baest logo dropped on que, and the band was ready behind in. To the tones of a deep rumbling guitar riff, the band kicked their old school death metal show into highest gear from the first second, and this energy lasted throughout the set. It was one of these wow-after-wow experiences. Having seem them live before, I knew what to expect, but being on this particular stage on this particular festival, everything was just on another level. Louder. Deeper. More raw and primal. I felt my jaw dropping constantly. It was like, “damn that sounds awesome”, but then a new moment came along, and “damn, this sounds even more awesome than before”. And that’s what Baest does to you. Which is why some 8-10000 people had showed up to their show, and the reason why their fan numbers just goes up.

Guitarists Lasse Revsbech and Svend Karlsson along with bassist Mattias Melchiorsen had their own little show within the show. Every time they got the chance, they lined up and headbanged, swirled their long hair, moving in unison to their heavy and addictive riffs.
Singer Simon Olsen is a character all by himself. He made it seem so easy and effortless to display the level of showmanship he did here, and made me think if his deep growling wasn’t indeed the way he speaks offstage too. Jumping down to us photographers in the pit on several occasions, he never failed to interact with the huge crowd.
Keeping up the pace for an entire show, while having everyone in the audience along for the entire ride, is an art all by itself, and something not even Saturday’s headliner Scorpions could do. But Baest did it. And they deserve their success. Especially after a show like this!

If you are unfamiliar with Baest, I urge you to check them out at They are also touring Europe from time to time, so be sure to find a show when they do. I promise; you will not be disappointed. Baest is also on all streaming services.

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5.0 rating