“England have always been super nice to us.”

It has been six months since the release of Can’t Swim’s second album “This Too Won’t Pass”, and the first time that they’re bringing this new material to the UK. With the Birmingham crowd already hyped up, all that was left to do was to put a large amount of chaotic energy in to their live show.

Supports for the night came from Birmingham band Coast to Coast, who had a loyal following as they played this hometown show, and New Jersey rockers Save Face.

As the PA began to play static noise, the members of Can’t Swim hit the stage. The crowd were ready and warmed up, prepared for the night ahead. Kicking straight in to “What Have We Done?”, it took no time for both band and audience to tear up the small venue, with pits opening from the get go. Chris LoPorto’s raw vocals intertwined perfectly with the aggressive riffs provided by guitarists Danny Rico and Mike Sanchez and bassist Greg McDevitt.

Can’t Swim put on a show that held the utmost sincerity combined with a whirlwind of dynamic emotion. With lyrics that would resonate with everyone every so often, the small room became a hot mess of sweaty kids screaming their hearts out. The artwork of “This Too Won’t Pass” hung proudly at the back of the stage, stapling yet another milestone in the bands career.

Every time Can’t Swim have made their way over to the UK they have never failed to put on one hell of a performance, and this was no exception. Weaving in a mixture of tracks from their previous record “Fail You Again”, along with “Your Clothes” from their very first release “Death Deserves a Name”, their new album was rightly celebrated in all its glory.