20 years is a large milestone for a band, so Taking Back Sunday made the effort to celebrate their anniversary in style.

Treating fans to a throwback set of their debut album ‘Tell All Your Friends’ in full, this was going to be an evening to remember.

Geoff Rickly from the band Thursday was the first to entertain the crowd. Gracing the stage with just an acoustic guitar, Rickly captivated fans with his raw energy and genuine attitude. He seemed pleasantly surprised at the reaction from the audience, thanking them with every opportunity he had.

The Frights took to the stage next, with a quirky and more upbeat energy. Dashing around the stage almost frantically, putting a playful twist on the evening. Proving that they are not a band to be missed, with lively personas and catchy songs – they’ll lift even the dullest of spirits.

As Taking Back Sundays large logo decked the back of the stage, it was time for the main event. The members appeared one by one to the sound of cheering fans, before kicking straight in to their debut album. What was most memorable about the set was front man Adam Lazzara’s flair for the dramatic – not only whilst dancing around the stage during the songs but the way he portrayed a story between them.

The night kicked off in true pop-punk fashion as the crowd were thrown back to the good old days. Taking Back Sunday rocketed around the stage, keeping up with the energy of the room. It genuinely felt like the best nod to where they started, and a great way to celebrate the 20 years as a band. As the night continued with throwback stories and nostalgic tracks, it was clear that Taking Back Sunday were just in love with this album as their fans were.

Not only were fans treated to the full album, they were then treated to pretty much another full set of the bands other tracks. The evening felt genuinely heartfelt, with the band showing clear gratefulness that they had a loyal following for so long.