“What’s up Birmingham? We’re HalfNoise.”

Paramore drummer Zac Farro traded in the power of alternative beats for a more laid-back evening of groovy tunes with his own side project, HalfNoise. Consisting of a wide variety of instruments including synths and bongos, HalfNoise bought a new feeling to the word ‘funk’.

Opening the night was Hannah Brown, accompanied by her band. Local to the Midlands’, Brown’s soulful voice was enough to captivate the audience, and her witty charm was an added bonus. She thanked the crowd for coming down early to watch, throwing in a few jokes for good measure to really interact with her audience.

HalfNoise began to enter the stage, much to the audiences’ delight. Taking no time at all to kick in to their first song of the set “All That Love Is”, Farro, sporting a striped shirt and black beret, took to dancing around the stage with a tambourine before taking to the microphone. The band had started off on a strong foot, getting almost everyone in the room dancing along. Their enthusiasm was contagious, making it very hard to stand still for more than a minute as they flowed through their set.

With constant audience interaction, and even inviting a couple of audience members up on stage, HalfNoise really knew how to wow their crowd. The set was entertaining, full of life and a refreshing change of pace. In fact, they had wiled the crowd up so much, that as the set ended people were chanting for more. The band headed sheepishly back on stage, as Farro announced through nervous laughter that they hadn’t planned for this to happen. As they decided on a song to play, with help from the audience, Farro announced that there would be new music coming out, “full of rock and full of groove”. Deciding on “Know This Feeling”, HalfNoise had given the audience everything they could have asked for and more.

A niche little band, HalfNoise have a certain energy that can’t be explained fully. They provided a show that fulfilled everyone’s expectations – with music that is perfect for the beginning of summer.