Hellogoodbye hit the UK for the first time in nine years, bringing the most recent release ‘S’only Natural’ to life.

Birmingham’s o2 Academy3 deemed the perfect setting to be adorned with a sparkly, multi-coloured backdrop; a symbol of the more indie-pop route that the music had now taken.

Itoldyouiwouldeatyou proved themselves to be the fitting support for this tour, bringing with them a range of twinkly emo-esque tunes. Including a charming stage presence and witty interactions between both the band and the audience, it was clear that itoldyouiwouldeatyou were no stranger to a stage, creating a friendly atmosphere all round. It will definitely be exciting to watch these guys progress in their career, and I hope they have more in store.

Hellogoodbye graced the stage, dressed as though they had come straight out of a 60’s pop-culture film.  The band is the brainchild of lead singer Forrest Kline, who makes every effort to interact with the audience as he performs. With the amount of sparkles on stage complimenting the mystical yet pop-like feel of the songs, the night had just started on a mesmerising journey.

“They look and sound like they should be a wedding band” a close friend of mine expressed, which summed up Hellogoodbye’s presence to a T. Full of charisma, Hellogoodbye successfully made the room feel like they were performing to old friends. Electrifyingly beautiful, the band had the audience captivated. The set felt like an experience, watching each band member dance around the stage.

With the main set coming to a close, the audience were begging for more. Kline re-entered the stage boasting an acoustic guitar, greeting the crowd again before going in to ‘Mysterious You’. As a few members of the audience began to shout out requests, the encore turned in to a fan-based set consisting of a few older tracks – adding to that friendly feel of the night. Hellogoodbye made their return to the UK a good one, and even after over a decade – it’s great to see a band still so humble.