Leave The Light on for me…

Peter Hook is one of the most recognisable faces in music. His work with Joy Division and New Order has made him a household name, and on Thursday 21st February, he played to a sell out crowd at Colchester Arts Centre. And it was quite a packed show.

Arriving on stage to Trans Europe Express by Kraftwerk, Hook opened up the show with the first of six Joy Division numbers, Atmosphere. The crowd certainly warmed to that song, with Hook dedicating it to Peter Tork of The Monkees, who passed away earlier on in the day. Isolation soon followed after that, as Hook and his bandmates wasted little time getting through the songs.

After some good natured ribbing about the whereabouts of his Ferrari, Glass was next on the first part of this 2 hours + set, closely followed by Day Of The Lords and a real bonafide old number in Ice Age. The first quarter came to a close with the Joy Division/New Order (you can argue over which version you like) classic, Ceremony. But there was a lot more to come.

The band returned after a short break to perform the first of two New Order albums of the night, Technique. One of the defining albums of the late 80’s, Fine Time kicked off proceedings, as Hook and fellow singer, David Potts, swapped vocals for the proceeding songs. All The Way, Loveless, Round & Round, Guilty Partner, Run, Mr Disco, Vanishing Point and Dream Attack all performed to order. That was album number one performed, and a break was much needed.

“Regrets, I’ve had a few……..”, proclaimed Hook as the band returned to perform the second album of the evening, Republic. And indeed, just as they did with Technique, they wasted very little time going through the albums track listing. Starting off with 90’s classic, Regret, the routine of shared vocals was still in force as they ploughed through World, Ruined In A Day, Spooky, Everyone Everywhere, Young Offender, Liar, Chemical, Times Change, Special and Avalanche. The crowd certainly did show their appreciation as the band went off for their final break of the evening.

It was then time for the encore, and Hook played the very crowd pleasing, World In Motion. The crowd giving off the shouts of “ENG-ER-LAND!!” wherever necessary and Hook even turned into John Barnes for the legendary rap section of the song. The fans in the audience went nuts as True Faith and Temptation followed soon after that. There could only be one song to close the show, Love Will Tear Us Apart. The song everyone hoped to hear and they weren’t disappointed.

After all the trials and tribulations (that I’m not going to go in to), it seems that for every Joy Division and New Order fan, you now have the best of both worlds. Peter Hook and The Light certainly did give everyone their moneys worth, and left the people leaving the venue saying the same thing. The world is big enough for the both of them