Scottish band CHVRCHES were back for a staggering sold-out second show at Birmingham’s o2 Academy.

Bringing with them an animated performance and contagious energy, CHVRCHES were ready to conquer the o2 Academy by storm.

Support from the night came from Let’s Eat Grandma, a psychedelic pop duet comprising of childhood friends Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth. The two youths filled the stage with an air of confidence, with their unique twists in their set proving that they were a perfect fit for this tour.

The large stage was now comfortably set up for CHVRCHES, as large crosses adorned the sides. As the lights dimmed, it was clear that the room was full of anticipation, as each band member walked on stage to respective cheers. Basking in the moment for less than a minute, CHVRCHES suddenly burst straight in to their first song of the evening Get Out.

Frontwoman Lauren Mayberry’s captivating vocals really shone through, accompanied by her animated performance as she almost dance to each side of the stage. Bandmates Martin Doherty and Iain Cook could be spotted almost jumping on the spot behind their large crosses, adding just a charming little spark to the performance.

The night went by in a whirlwind of buzzing tracks and technicolour lights. With breaks every so often for the band to enjoy some back and forth banter, this definitely did not stop them from putting their all in to every track. Powering through tracks such as Bury It, Grafitti, Miracle and Deliverance to name a few, CHVRCHES really and truly outdid themselves.

© Sarah Maiden | FOTF

Bands like CHVRCHES don’t come around very often, providing a breath of fresh air to the usual idea of electronic pop. They could have been performing on the plainest stage in the world and still have put on an incredible show, with everyone watching their every move. Mayberry’s stunning vocals complimented the edge-filled beats that accompanied them, and I truly hope that the next time they come around it will be in bigger and better venues.