Celebrating their mid-year release “Celebrity Mansions” with a sold-out UK run, Dinosaur Pile-Up bought their array of post-grunge tunes to Birmingham.

Lifting up what could have been a quiet Sunday evening in to a sweat-filled, push-pitting evening, Dinosaur Pile-Up came to show what a sold-out show was about.

Big Spring were first to the stage, sporting an energetic vibe as they entered. As the band kicked in to their first song of the set, Big Spring proved that they were a perfect fit as an opener – pushing the energy around the room to get everyone hyped for the evening. With a solid sound to back this, Big Spring are one to watch.

Next up were Call Me Amour, who were an interesting addition to the line-up. Where Big Spring had a moody, grunge undertone to their music, Call Me Amour were on the other end of the genre. With more electronic tones to their tracks, the band took the energy in a different direction for their part of the evening.

Dinosaur Pile-Up bounded on to the stage to rounds of cheers and applause from the waiting audience. Pushing straight in to their first song of the evening “Arizona Waiting”, Dinosaur Pile-Up took no time in creating a chaotic energy in the room. With the trio blaring out their edgy riffs, the audience eagerly made the room move.

As the evening progressed, Dinosaur Pile-Up really proved that they deserved to sell out this tour. As bassist Jim Cratchley bounced around the stage, there wasn’t one single dull moment whilst watching their set. Lead guitarist and vocalist Matt Bigland’s voice shone through the raucous tunes, complimenting it perfectly.

Dinosaur Pile-Up are a band that have had time to hone their talents and performance, and it shows so clearly in the way that they interact with each other. Each member looked as though they were truly in their happy place, which spread to the audience as well. There wasn’t one person standing still in that room, and for a band like DPU, this was the way it was destined to be.

We rate:
4.0 rating