“Take me back to Sunnyland.”

Mayday Parade and The Wonder Years teamed up for an unforgettable tour, bringing along Movements and Pronoun for an emotional ride.

 With early doors beginning at 6, indie-pop artist Pronoun had plenty of time to warm up the crowd. As audience members drifted in, Pronoun powered through their performance – creating the perfect set up for the evening.

Next up were emo band Movements, taking no time at all to kick in to their emotion-filled set. Notoriously known for their raw lyrics and intense performances, and this set was no exception. The 7 songs flew by in a frenzy, proving that Movements are definitely a band to watch out for.

Pop-punk giants The Wonder Years were up next, ready to put on a dynamic performance. With a 14-song set-list consisting of a large variety of old and new tracks, there was something for everyone to sing along to. Bands like The Wonder Years are far and few, where a band has tracks that are so real you can’t help but truly feel the emotion that goes in to the lyrics.

While the stage looked rather cosy (fitting six people as well as multiple instruments on the o2 Academy2 stage), The Wonder Years didn’t let this hinder their performance at all, as each member put their all in to this set. The more recent songs have had a while to fit in to the setlist, and they weaved in with older tracks flawlessly. To tie in with the heavily emotional setlist, frontman Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell took a moment to dedicate ‘Cigarettes and Saints’ to the late Tim Landers of Transit, putting that little touch of intimacy on an already sentimental song. As their set wrapped up, The Wonder Years left the stage with cheers of people wanting more.

And last but not least, Mayday Parade entered the stage – and the room was thrown back to what felt like a 2007 Warped Tour performance. As the band jumped around the stage, with frontman Derek Sanders sporting bare feet for the set, it was clear that Mayday Parade weren’t planning on holding back.

Powering through tracks such as ‘Never Sure’, ‘Jersey’ and ‘Black Cat’, the one moment that really stood out was the acoustic medley of covers, that consisted of New Found Glory’s ‘My Friends Over You’, My Chemical Romance’s ‘I’m Not Okay’ and Taking Back Sunday’s ‘Cute without the E’. Putting their own spin on these iconic tracks sent the audience in to an array of cheers and shouting along the words, before the band faultlessly took this moment to go straight in to their own song ‘Jamie All Over’.

Mayday Parade are one of those bands that whilst put on an incredible show with their newer tracks, know exactly how to keep their older fans reeled in with a sense of nostalgia. Having ‘I’d Hate to Be You’ as their encore song was a prime example of this, with the crowd being thrown back to 2007. Whether you see Mayday Parade as a new fan, or purely wanting to go for that throwback feeling, Mayday Parade never cease to disappoint – and having The Wonder Years as co-headliners really tied the evening together.