What better way to spend a mid-week evening than at a solid pop-rock show?

With Set It Off turning out a whirlwind of a show to Birmingham’s o2 Institute2 – it almost felt like there was no other place to be.

Celebrating their most recent release ‘Midnight’, Set It Off really came to party. Bringing along Bearings and Vukovi, the night flew by in a blur of madness – and we’re not just talking about the brilliance of Cody Carson’s blue hair.

For their first time in the UK, Bearings greeted the crowd with absolutely no fear. As the crowd responded in a positive manner, the band took no time in proving that they were a well-thought-out support for this tour. Bearings are a band on the rise, and definitely one to watch out for.

Vukovi are a band notorious for a wild show, no matter where they may be. Although frontwoman Janine Shilstone mentioned that she has come under the weather, this did not stop her from coming to the crowd to really grab their attention. With Hamish Reilly tearing up the stage, Vukovi proved once again that they are a fun watch, as no one could take their eyes off them for even a second.

Just as the hype began to die down from the excitement that Vukovi bought with them, a two-minute countdown began over the PA system – sending the crowd in to yet another frenzy. It wasn’t long before Set It Off bounded on to the stage, kicking straight in to their first song ‘Lonely Dance’. The way that singer Cody Carson buzzed around the stage made it seem larger than it was, but that didn’t stop him. Set It Off had their crowd wrapped around their fingers from the word go – and they had the energy to continue to do so.

Powering through the night, the Set It Off really knew how to make the room move. With crowd surfing, trumpets, and a killer drum solo (courtesy of Maxx Danziger), Set It Off bought a whole new meaning to the word crazy. Complemented perfectly with a couple of emotional, slower songs in the middle – it really was a flawless show.

A Set It Off show is something to behold with your own eyes. For a band who have come far and seemed to have fine-tuned their sound, they are definitely destined for more amazing opportunities to come their way.