Last night it was out with the old, and in with the new as Sly Antics played their first headliner of 2019.

Who’d have thought a church would make such a good music venue.

Sacred Trinity Church in Salford was turned into a music venue last night, as Sly Antics, alongside Joel Gardner and Circus, delivered an almighty noise capable of waking the dead. Admittedly, I was sceptical going into the gig, but it’s safe to say, it was the opposite of what I was expecting. It sounded amazing, it looked even better, and Sly Antics put on their best performance since becoming a two-piece.

It was great to see a band be able to deliver new music to fans and get a reception like Sly Antics did last night, as alongside new single ‘Reality’, came a host of new tracks which they had been working on leading up to the gig. The 4 new tracks, “Chemicals”, “Skive”, “Roads” and “Wake Up” slotted into the setlist like they had been around for ages. The fans adored every tune, and the band matched the fans level of adoration with a mind-blowing performance.

Although it’s great to hear new tracks, it was just as good hearing old favourites, including one of their very first tunes, “Motion”, which went down a treat, and I think this was down to the band having not played many gigs recently. They’ve been on a break to tweak their music, and having that break just meant fans were even more excited to be able to pile into such an intimate venue and sing along to every word to the songs that they knew.

Gigs like this are what make Manchester so special, the upcoming scene is bursting with talent at the moment, and it’s great that people are making use of any space they can to try and get their music out to the wider audience. Get down to a gig of a band you have never heard of, you may find something really interesting. After all, you’re favourite band were an upcoming band once.