“We’re saints of the sinners, and we’re coming for you”

With their bop-filled tunes and memorable lyrics, Australian band The Faim brought a new lease of life to Birmingham’s o2 Academy3, with Halflives and Chapel as their touring support.

The 250-cap room had pretty much filled out by the time Halflives had entered the stage, and just as well as this was not a set to be missed. As each member took their place on stage, it took less than a second for the adrenaline to kick in. The energy was contagious, as vocalist Linda Battilani weaved her way around the stage between guitarist Tony Carré and bassist Fede Bernardi, yet managing to really stay in time with her band mates. Along with drummer Osca Scantamburlo, Halflives really showed how a band should be – connected to each other in such a way so you put on one hell of a tight-knit performance.

Next up were two-piece Chapel, who performed a set that was as quirky as they looked. At first, there was an illusion of the usual indie-pop band, with vocalist and guitarist Carter Hardin adorning a bright red Hawaiian t-shirt. However, that was soon ripped away, as the guitar was put down for Hardin to bust out some funky dance moves. Whilst going to and fro from drummer Kortney Grinwis, the band really protruded the meaning of friendship, even as the included the crowd.

After the whirlwind performances from both supporting acts, the room now had an excitable buzz. It wasn’t long before The Faim entered the stage to a raucous of screams and applause, before bursting in to their first song of the evening ‘Saints of the Sinners’. It was clear that the energy from the start had not died down, and wasn’t going to anytime soon. As eager fans were reaching out to the band, at points it almost seemed that their passionate singing would overpower vocalist Josh Raven, however all he did was encourage them to sing harder with a large grin on his face.

The Faim powered through their set, feeding off the energy that each other and the crowd gave. Guitarist Sam Tye and bassist Stephen Beerkens raced around the stage, as drummer Linden Marissen kept a tight beat yet keeping up with the rest of the band. When a band is fun to watch, it creates a whole new type of dynamics throughout the room as not one person was stood still. Each song was as intense and as strong as the last, including tracks such as My Heart, Fire, A Million Stars and many more. With Raven heading in to the crowd on more than one occasion, The Faim proved they are a band that you can’t take your eyes off of for one second or you’ll miss something.

Trying to sum up the night’s events in a few words seems impossible, but the words captivating, enthralling and dynamic spring to mind. All of the bands were unique in their own way, contributing their own spin of the evening and creating a joyous and incredible atmosphere for everyone.