A masterpiece in hardcore perfection!

This. Was. Freaking. Epic!!!

Pandæmonium stage, Saturday:

The Psyke Project is the closest thing you get to a mythical being in metal, and since they announced their resignation in 2014, and ended it all with an explosion of a show the same year, the members have all scattered to different bands, all the while there has been a dark and empty void left among metal fans throughout the world. Copenhell managed to summon the band for one last show at this year’s festival, and this level of ingenuity from a booking standpoint sets the bar for all other festivals from here. A LOT of people had showed up, and the show proved to be an emotional journey, led by singer Martin Nielsskov’s brutal and primal screams.

Starting out with the song “Partisan” from the album Guillotine, The Psyke Project’s dark and brutal hardcore metal kept the circle pits growing throughout the show. It was like everyone forgot where they were, and the fact that Scorpions was playing only an hour later. The Psyke Project owned this stage. They owned this festival. To many people, the festival is from now on synonymous with ground zero of where The Psyke Project played this show.

The setlist was a generous plethora of everything that has made The Psyke Project what they are. All the best from the five albums and EP’s, created a bubble of ecstasy, like a separate dimension, around the band and the crowd. The guitarists Christian Bonnesen and Mikkel Vadstrup delivered some of the tightest played riffs in history, with a silent and almost dictator-like authority, while bassist Jeppe Skouv managed to throw himself around like an athlete. Never missing a single note. Drummer Rasmus Sejsersen has always been a hardhitting precision groovemaster, and tonight was no exception – slow at the right time, fast at the right time, but always on time. We even got a surprise from the band’s first three albums, as guitarist Mikkel Vadstrup’s younger brother, Simon, was paid tribute to and then called onstage, to perform “Fimbul” from the 2005 masterpiece “Daikini”.

Singer Martin Nielsskov created a beautiful intimacy with the audience from the start, as he would jump off-stage during what seemed like every other song, to crowdsurf, participate in circlepits, hug someone in the audience, and then crawling back onstage after the song ended, stating “I love this! Y’all better get used to these breaks between songs, ‘cause I’m gonna keep jumping down to you!”, while grasping for breath from his extreme display of power during these songs. It was hard for him to keep a straight face though, as he was one big smile along with drummer Sejersen, when he wasn’t causing cracks to form in the concrete grounds with his voice, that is.

As the last song “Just At The Moment” sent everyone into a higher state of nirvana, Jeppe Skouv thrashed his bass on the stage floor, which appropriately marked a definite end to the show, by destroying the bass that was used almost on every show back in the day.

R.I.P. Den Blå Bas. 1999-2019.

R.I.P. Den Blå Bas.


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THIS^^^is how you DO it!

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