Yet Another Sold-Out Manchester Show For Frank Carter

An awesome night of awesome music, with an even more awesome band

Kicking things off were Cleopatrick, who are probably one of the best sounding rock duos since The White Stripes. The best thing is, they act like they’ve been on the circuit for years, and it’s convincing. No signs of not being an established act, no mistakes, just a flawless set from a pretty flawless band. Ho99o9 were next on the bill, and with a darkened stage they delivered their signature sound, which is a genre all of it’s own. It’s hard to put a finger on what this band are going for, but whatever it is, it sounds, and looks, immense whilst they strut about doing it.

The moment everyone had been waiting for quickly came round though, as the stage flooded with solid blue light, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes took their positions on the stage to deliver the unholy sound which has now formed three incredible albums. Breaking into their set with, ‘Why A Butterfly Can’t Love A Spider’, the perfect opener for the night ahead. This track builds nicely to an incredible climax, which is a perfect way for the band to show just what they have up their sleeves for the next 90 minutes.

As the gig moved on, the band got much more into their stride, which is helped a lot by the fact that Frank Carter himself spends a lot of time being in amongst the crowd, creating a bond between band and audience that only few bands are able to achieve. By the end of the night, the crowd are wrapped around the finger of Frank Carter himself, and although exhausted, they want more.

Until now, I had never seen Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes live, but they lived up to all expectations and delivered one of the most energetic sets I think I will ever see.