A Welcome Return To Manchester For James Blunt

The night was filled with laughter and great music, mixed together to create a stunning atmosphere

James Blunt returns to Manchester after more than 5 years away, and treats the fans who have waited all that time to a very special night of incredible music. His music, mixed with the sense of humour which he has become internet famous for, were always going to combine to make the night special, and they did just that.

Blunt thought very carefully about the set for this tour, and it was apparent tonight. It’s a well balanced mix of the old and new, throwing in his most well known songs every so often to keep the fans wanting more. Scattering the likes of ‘Wismen’, 1973′, ‘You’re Beautiful’ and ‘Goodbye My Lover’ to bring in the old favourites, as well as throwing in some tracks from fourth album ‘Moon Landing’, such as ‘Bonfire Heart’.

Not only was the setlist well thought out, but he could not have picked a better, more fitting support act to join him on this tour. It’s the first I have heard of Ward Thomas, but they are probably the most powerful acoustic duo I’ve ever heard. Their vocals are truly incredible, and their songwriting skill is second to none. Laid back, and comfortable with what they are doing, Ward Thomas had the crowd wrapped around their little fingers by the end of their set.

These days, keeping fans interested when you release new music is a challenge, but this performance, and the tour as a whole prove that James Blunt has something special. He can take years out of the game, and still, when he comes back to release something new, fans love it. It’s a skill not many people have, but James Blunt knows exactly how to keep the fans interested when he is taking a break from the studio.

This night was an intimate masterpiece of jokes and music, two skills which don’t normally go hand in hand, but when James Blunt gets on stage, you know you are in for both, and in abundance at that.