Back On The Road, And Still In Top Form

Each time I see this man perform, he gets better and better

It’s been a while now since Lewis Capaldi became a household name, and he is still striking all the the right chords with fans, as he is pulling in bigger crowds than ever before. He’s a man of many talents. he can sing, he’s comical, and he is as well known for his music career as he is for posting daft videos of himself on social media. In this day and age, having the ability to be popular on the internet is probably one of the key factors in the success of a musicians career.

Last time I saw Capaldi perform, he put on one hell of a show, and the crowd loved it. This time round, he smashed the ball out of the park, and put on a show meant for an arena, in Manchester Apollo, a 3,500 capacity venue. Boy did it work. Visually, the show looked ace, with the live video screen at the back of the stage, and the bizarre amount of lights which flickered above the Scotsman. It’s not all about looking good though, you’ve gotta sound good too, and there is no doubt that Lewis Capaldi is one of the best sounding artists around right now.

Again, he kept the set short, just 12 songs (encore included), but he doesn’t just power through material, he has an incredible ability to be at one with the crowd for short intervals between songs. He brings his excellent sense of humour on stage, and delivers jokes and tales to his incredible fans. It makes the gigs he performs at so much more intimate, and much more memorable, and for the genre of music which Capaldi performs, it creates the perfect storm for him to continue to do what he does best.

Putting on a show is one thing, doing it to the same degree as this man is a whole different kettle of fish.