A Hero’s Death‘ is out now

Basking in the glory of their first album, the Irish quintet have come back for more of the same with album number two.

People always say, ‘the difficult second album’, but I’m not sure Fontaines Dc have found it difficult to record this album, their talent is truly effortless, and the remarkable new album shows just how good this band really are. It follows a similar vibe to their first offering, with a good contrast between the heavy indie bangers, and the more relaxed offerings which the band execute with perfection.

The album opens with the already released single, ‘I Don’t Belong’. It’s a perfect opener for the album, setting the tone right from the off that the next 46 minutes of your life will be a rollercoaster of head banging brilliance, and thought provoking ballads. It’s what fans of the band are used to, riff driven with punchy drums, whilst lead singer Grian floats his distinctive vocals over the top. As the track fades out, the drums starting pounding again as the album breaks into track two, ‘Love Is The Main Thing’.

For me, the way the rhythm section just drives along with it’s punchy riffs and little drum fills, whilst the lead guitar is free to experiment with effects just sort of pulls you in so you hear nothing else in the world whilst you listen. It’s a sense of anticipation that something huge will be on the horizon, the song builds up throughout, reaching it’s crescendo around the 3 minute mark. The guitar runs free, Grian follows the guitar track with his voice, and the song comes together into a noisy masterpiece.

‘Televised Mind‘ is another track that was released as a single for the album, and the personal favourite for me. The guitar wails away with heavy tremolo, again the rhythm section pounds, but this time round the drums are much more defined, much more in your face, and take the full driving seat for this track. It feels like this may have been a track that they had ready first time round, but wanted to save it for the second album, giving them time to perfect it. If not, they have pulled off an incredible track in a relatively small time frame. The track really shows the talents of all members of the band, and how a heavy use of effects can create some of the best music when the effects are used correctly.

The video for this track is really something else too. There’s nothing better than a band who make great music, and fantastic videos to accompany their songs.

The album powers on, in your face track after in your face track, but not so much that it makes you bored of hearing heavy music for a full album. They use dynamics excellently to relax the album when they feel necessary, and it works brilliantly. There’s moments where you can sit back and admire what you are listening to, along with moments where you just bang your head around, eager to be able to hear this album blasted from the speakers of a music venue.

It’s pleasing to witness this band rise through the ranks, and it’s even more pleasing to know that they clearly have the talent and ability to stay in it for the long haul, as this second album is an improvement on their first album, which I didn’t actually think was possible given the quality of it.