Rory Graham AKA Rag’n’Bone Man Returned To Manchester

Rory ‘Rag’n’Bone Man’ Graham has fans queuing around the block well before the doors open at the Manchester Apollo!

The last time I saw Graham was a couple of years ago at Castlefield Bowl where he headlined a wonderful set, many of these fans have got here early to make sure they get the vantage point they want.

First up tonight is a singer by the name of Max White, he kept the crowd more than entertained and had some wonderful music to share with them. A great vocal range and a super rapport with the crowd settled everyone down. “I Don’t Need You”, is clearly a wonderful stand out track. For those of you who like their gigs close and personal, Max is playing the Castle Hotel in Manchester next month.

Next up for this evening with a very packed venue is another solo singer, Emily Burns. Coming centre stage under a spotlight, another artist that has a vocal quality and stage presence many aspire to, its easy to see why Emily has been chosen to do this tour, a beautiful soulful gospel like delivery, matched with a genuine tenderness of lyrics set to move you. Some of the standout tracks you should listen too are “Is It Just Me?”, “Test Drive” and “Hate Me Too”. Judging by the crowd’s reaction, she gained a whole new set of fans.

Having burst on the scene when he debuted his 2016 album “Human”, Rag’n’Bone Man has continued to expand and build up a bank of music that clearly stands him out from others, the tour is a chance to air his latest work “Life By Misadventure”. The calmness of the venue erupts as Graham takes to the stage, a full-blown version of, “All You Ever wanted”, warms up a very receptive crowd. The first thing that hits you as he connects with the audience, is how genuine and gentle he appears, it just seems to fit him as the person he is, huge, powerful, and with such a range of gritty vocal talent.

“Old Habits”, “Perfume”, along with ‘Talking To Myself’ keep the crowd within his grasp. It’s not often you come across an artist that can lead you into a blues number and bring you through a pathway of Hip-Hop, R&B and settle you down on a balcony of sweet Soul music, all this is done whilst filling every inch of this fantastic venue with his voice.

The band have been as tight as always, and essential in the night’s enjoyment. The two backing singers seem to have a ball. “Crossfire”, “Human”, and “Hell Yeah” close out the performance, as Graham comes out to thank the crowd and performs “Giant” as the encore.

What a wonderful evenings entertainment it has been, if you get the chance come out and treat yourself.